Cognifly search engine

Cognifly is the Web search engine aimed at serving Zambian web searches. We are working very hard to build an engine that gives relevant results to your search queries. Just type what you want in the search box and Cognifly will present you with results and information from websites intended for Zambians.

We want Cognifly to be the go to service when a person is looking for content and information with a Zambian theme.


Find work from cognifly with ease

Cognifly helps you find job postings from multiple websites that advertise openings with ease.

Cognifly is built on the idea of scopes

Scopes are a complete reinvention of the content and services experience. They offer a truly mobile first user experince.

meet our team

Ants are successful because they know that the mind of the team is superior to the mind of the individual.

our team

Co-Founder and CTO

Chief architect. Kampsy is focused on designing & building cognifly's systems, managing expectations and inspiring the team.


joshua is responsible for cognifly's strategic initiatives to ensure that they are healthy, sustainable and coordinated.

Marketing and Photography

Responsible for orchestrating all marketing and communications activities for Cognifly.

cognifly's stack

The combination of programming languages and software products used to build cognifly.


Programming Languages

Cognifly's backend is coded in Go. Golang is fun expressive, concise, clean, efficient and very productive.

We use JavaScript for Front-End web development: Client-Side scripting and User experience.

version control system

We use Git to handle code with speed and efficiency.

data storage & code hosting

Our data is stored in MongoDB, a document database designed with high availability and scalability in mind.

We host our code at Github , under the Cognifly organization.

Cognifly infrastructure

Our scalable infrastucture is hosted by Digital Ocean.

Cognifly runs on Ubuntu GNU/Linux, it delivers the best value scale-out performance.

Frontend tools

HyperText Markup Language HTML is used for creating web pages and web applications.

Css is an extremely powerful style sheet language which is used to control the look and feel of cognifly.